Woohoo! I’ve made it to page 200! So that is 200 weeks of RG, this is not including any bonus pages etc ive done, only covers and pages!

I’ve got an image for it I’ll post but probably tomorrow so that people see this page first :]

But thank you everyone new or old for reading RG, I make this mostly because all these characters are my super old ocs that I cherish dearly so having a story i want to make with them now is very fulfilling, but everyone reading and leaving nice comments definitely helps me continue, I don’t always respond to every single comment because I don’t always know what to say but be sure I read them all!

This is the longest I’ve ever kept up with a comic and there has been a lot of changes along the way, my original RG idea was Leon as the main character and Rachel as his deadbeat wagie 20 something sibling who had Leon’s powers…I don’t know if that version would’ve been better or worse but I think I threw it away for a good reason as characters such as Zeki didn’t have a place in that version! And he won the character poll recently so I think a lot of people would’ve been disappointed haha.

Anyway, interesting to look back and reflect, have fun reading :]