Yay!!!! To a new page after ten yearssssss!

This page unfortunately is uploaded at fullsize so sorry if you have to wait for it to load a bit! It just literally would not let me save the page resized to website friendly loading size without pixelating to shit, so for the preservation of my art I will let it load slow.

If anyone know how to avoid pixelation when resizing though let me know!! Cause with my previous pixel brush it never did it..


But yeah ive been uhh alright I gotta have surgery early next year so I’m hoping to finish this chapter before then cause I’ll probably be on bed rest and wont want to sit at a desk paha.

Expect weekly pages on fridays from now on! todays was late because of me faffing around about the pixelation issue. I’m also gonna try and get back into doing holiday pages…

But happy reading and have a goode day!!