Back again!

I’ve been gone a few weeks and had some good life updates happen so sorry for the delays but also not sorry! Got a job role change so now I’m a 3D designer for peoples house renovations! I’ve got a whole bunch of training to do but it’ll be fun to finally use my art skills in a job, I’m also gonna get paid way more as well so wheyyy.

Even more importantly I’m engaged now! I’m real excited about my future with my fiance :3 He helps me stay focused on my art and is an all round sweetiepie.

But onto the comic, not many pages left of this chapter!!!!!!! I’m hoping to end it by the end of this year, so im gonna go into comic drawing overdrive because this chapter has been going on WAAAAAAAAY too long.

Cheers to everyone who always pokes there head back and gives RG a read though, love all you guys n gals and theys.