*Abuses her children and leaves*

Only 4 pages left!

I’ll most likely take a 2 weeks break after the chapter finishes as I have 2 weeks holiday so hoping to produce a bunch of chapter 4 content then.

I was hoping to have guest pages between chapter 3’s end and 4’s start but I’ve had no luck on getting anyone to do them as all my art pals are busy, so I’m just going to release a PDF compilation of all the scrapped Chap3 pages and art on gumroad so people can pay or look at it for free :3

I just had a lot of different directions I wanted to go with this chapter so there are a lot of pages that were a lot more mean or just i felt too silly or went on too long. I have one set of pages I wish I’d stuck with but sometimes you swing and miss and I’ve ended up being proud with this anyway so it all worked out good.