a lot of old characters again in this page!

ive been thinking about relationships lately as I come up to being 28 soon, I was only engaged last year but now I’m single for the first time in four years, well I’ve been single for almost half a year now but I’ve just not really mentioned it here because I would say I’m not a super spread my personal life around kinda person. It comes into play with my productivity because as soon as I started dating I almost completely dropped RG as I’m a massive people pleaser and will hyperfocus on my fave person so I just was kinda obsessively devoting my time to him, which I was a little delulu with. But it’s so weird now I used to feel like I’d DIE if we broke up but now its just another friday and I’m still going.

Maybe I’m being weird lately in the author comments but I thought just rambling about topics might be at least slightly interesting to someone, I promise I’m honestly quite a happy person all things considered so this isn’t a cry for help lol I just like to think out loud.